Best Fictional Teen Couples

Best Fictional Teen Couples - via Susan Howarth

All of my favourite teen movies/tv shows/books have one thing in common: swoon-worthy love stories. I explain why I love teen fiction so much here, and now I want to share some of my favourite teen romances.

This is my list of Best Fictional Teen Couples, in no particular order.

Joey and Pacey (Dawson’s Creek)

Dawson’s Creek was big when I was in high school, and I’m not gonna lie – I definitely had a tv crush on Pacey Witter. (Side note: I never forgave Andie for cheating on him.) I’ve lost count of the number of times I watched the entire series. I can’t explain why I love it so much. Anyone who has seen it will admit it has many cheesy moments. But there’s something about it that makes me want to watch it over and over, including the relationship between Joey and Pacey. Yes, there was lots of fun drama with the whole love-triangle-thing, but it was never much of a contest for me. When Joey was with Dawson, I found both of them to be very insecure and annoying.  When Joey was with Pacey, they were both better versions of themselves.

Remember when he bought her a wall? What about that slow dance at the anti-prom when he whispered to her “I remember everything”?

I think my favourite episode was when the crew went to Aunt Gwen’s house for spring break (she later played Claire Dunphy from Modern Family!). They were sneaking around and kissing, trying not to get caught. There’s also the episode when they get locked in a shopping mall overnight… Too many to choose from!

Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)

Although I hate the term “Naley”, which is widespread on social media, I love the relationship between Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill. Nathan Scott has one of the most impressive character arcs that I’ve seen. He goes from being a terrorizing bully to being completely loveable over the course of several seasons. I wasn’t a fan of how these two got together in the first place (he was trying to use her as leverage against his nemesis brother, Lucas), but I’m willing to overlook that. Haley was the first real friend and confidante that Nathan had in his life, and watching how that changed him was awesome. They surprised us by getting married in high school, and then getting pregnant. (Usually it’s the other way around!)

Favourite moments include: when he came to see her after being hospitalized for drug use; when they go on a scavenger hunt date set up by Brooke Davis; and all those times they made up by kissing in the rain.

Kat and Patrick (10 Things I Hate About You)

I could probably recite all of the dialogue from 10 Things I Hate About You by heart. Seriously. Who can resist Heath Ledger’s Australian accent? Knowing that he is now gone just makes this movie that much more special.

Kat and Patrick follow the typical enemies-to-lovers trope, but they are so fun to watch! He is paid to start dating her, and she wants nothing to do with him. I love how over the course of the movie, she starts to let her guard down and let herself be vulnerable with him.

Favourite moments include: when he teases her that she must have thought about him naked, and she says with scads of sarcasm and a giant eye roll: “Am I that transparent? I want you, I need you. Oh baby, oh baby.”; when he hijacks the school’s PA system and sings “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”; and of course, when she reads her titular poem at the end of the movie.

Writing this is making me want to watch it AGAIN!

Allie and Noah (The Notebook)

When a book is turned into a movie, 99.99% of the time, I prefer the book. There is usually much more depth in the book, and I’m often a little disappointed in the movie as a result. The Notebook is one of the exceptions to this rule.

It’s not that the book wasn’t good, but it didn’t focus nearly enough on the teenage years of Allie and Noah’s romance. That was the BEST part of the movie!! Their story reminded me a little of Jack and Rose from Titanic (now I’m wondering if they should have been on this list…). Like Rose, Allie was from a high class family who didn’t approve of her boyfriend because of his stature.

I loved how comfortable Noah was in his own skin, even though he didn’t have the same privileges that Allie did. He taught her to be who she wanted to be, and to step out of her comfort zone. It was a first love that was fierce and intense. I think my favourite scene was when he got her to lie down in the middle of an empty street, just because they could. I even enjoyed watching these two fight, because there was such passion behind their words. It was a true case of ‘opposites attract’, and I was rooting for them through the whole movie.

Who would you include on your list of Best Fictional Teen Couples? 

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