Review: Scribophile (Online Writing Group)

Review: Scribophile (Online Writing Group)

Every writer must seek honest feedback on their work if they want to improve. Period.

I see the same question posted all the time in various Facebook writing groups: Where can I find people to read/critique my writing?

Some may decide to hire professional editors, but this approach is cost prohibitive for most of us, especially in the early stages of our writing career. Luckily, there is a wonderful alternative called Scribophile.

6 Must-Have Writing Tools

6 Must-Have Writing Tools - via Susan Howarth

Writing is not easy, but having the right tools for the job can make it a lot less painful. While it’s true that you can get by with a pen, paper and basic word processor, there are other writing tools that can improve your:

  • efficiency;
  • social media engagement;
  • organization; and
  • overall enjoyment of the process.

Here are 6 must-have writing tools that can help you reach your goals. […]

What to Expect From a Writing Workshop

What To Expect From A Writing Workshop - via Susan Howarth

This month, I was able to attend my very first writing workshop. In a way, registering for it was my way of proving to myself that I was a real writer instead of simply pretending to be one. It was called “The Insider’s Guide to Writing and Publishing for Young Readers”. What an experience!!! I’m excited to share some of the highlights from this 3-day event. […]

5 Reasons Adults Should Read YA

5 Reasons Adults Should Read YA - via Susan Howarth

I used to be somewhat embarrassed about liking YA. Teen books were supposed to be just for teens, right? WRONG. These days I’m reading almost exclusively from the Young Adult section, and I make no apologies for it. I love these stories so much, I’m even crazy enough to try and write one of my own. Here are 5 reasons why this category has taken over my bookshelves. […]

Why I Want to Write a Novel

Why I Want to Write a Novel - via Susan Howarth

I have wanted to write a novel for as long as I can remember. I got my first taste of publication when my grade 3 English teacher recommended that one of my stories be included in the school paper. In my world at that time, this was the equivalent of being handed a Pulitzer. […]